Day 12/30: Tired. Can't think of title.

I have misplaced my ring. The ring that I wear every day that was given to me by my mother several years ago. It, like the quilt on my bed, is an exception to my “no heart shaped items” rule. These two things are the only exceptions to the rule and only at that because they are attached to my mom.

So, the ring. Last time I remember having it was last Wednesday. I’m about 90% sure that I did not wear it when I went to Festus for my wisdom tooth extraction, although I did just call and leave my dad a message to ask if he’d seen it. I’ve looked pretty much everywhere I can think of and still no ring. I am SURE that it’s around somewhere and I’m just missing it, but still…too much of my time right now is focused on finding this ring. I looked for it this morning for 20 minutes instead of getting my ass out the door to get to work.


Went to knit group tonight, which was good. I have discovered that I can really only work on the February Lady Sweater when I’m with other people. If I’m at home, I get bored too easily, even though it is a pattern that takes a bit of thought. I think I make more mistakes on it when I’m at home and discovered a couple tonight, but I couldn’t figure out what I’d done, so I just fudged it. It’ll be fine. Of course, if I only work on it when I’m at my knit groups, it’ll take me forever to finish since I can only get about 1 pattern repeat done in 2 hours (on a good day).

On a completely different subject (again), I think that my walking injury (let’s call it severe muscle strain or something) is healed up enough that I can start back with exercising, at least a little bit. I’ve been laid up for a week and a half with no workouts, so I need to get back into my routine. I even MISS the exercise a little. Sometimes.

On that note, it is time to go to sleep. At 9:30pm, apparently. When did I get old?


One thought on “Day 12/30: Tired. Can't think of title.

  1. oh no, i’m so sorry you misplaced the ring. i hope you find it soon. i lost a bracelet my late grandmother gave me and was so, so upset. and don’t worry, i’m apparently just as old because i was ready to go to bed at 10pm.

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