Day 9/30: I'm at a place called vertigo

I have reached that point in my semester of classes where I start to get stressed out. There seems to be too much to do and not enough time to do it in. In the next week (+/- a couple days) I have two group presentations to be a part of. One presentation will then need to be turned into a paper, due a week from Friday. We haven’t really accomplished much on this at all so far, I’m hoping we can pull it together and get it done in time. I also have a 10-15 page paper to write for the other class, which (of course) I haven’t started yet. I’m hoping to crank that out over Thanksgiving break since we also have a final in the same class the day the paper is due. This class has involved more work and projects than any non-stats class I have taken thus far and I think it’s a little much.

And of course I haven’t done any of this homework stuff yet today, although I did balance my checkbook (does that count? It involves math, after all).

If you happen to see me running around like a crazy woman, please remind me that everything will be fine and that I’ll get the work done just like I do every semester. Besides, after I finish this one, there are only 3 semesters of classes left for this degree. Three. Semesters. Wow.

Completely random ending: I just realized that in a little less than 2 weeks I will be at the Nine Inch Nails show in Columbia with Nominimom. DUDE. How awesome is that?


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