Day 7/30: A taste of something different


I recently* found myself at La Tropicana for lunch for the first time where I ate some very tasty food and tried out one of the imported** sodas. While I was there, I decided to pick up a few different ones to try out and see what I thought.

Materva was the one I had tried during lunch. While I liked it then, I wanted to see if I still liked it when I wasn’t eating yummy Cuban food. It reminds me of a cream soda, only with a hint of spicyness* from the mate that gives the soda its name. I quite liked this one. So much so that I went back to La Tropicana and bought a 6-pack of it. Twice. It might become a new favorite of mine.

Jupiña, or Pineapple soda was the next one I tried. First impressions were that it was extremely sweet, almost syrupy with a strong smell of pineapple. I’m not sure about there actually being the taste of pineapple in the soda, though. The sweetness is almost overpowering. Not one I’d try again, I think.

coco rico

Co Co Rico was soda number 3. It’s got a very mild coconut flavor and reminds me a bit of a fizzy Piña Colada. This one isn’t too sweet, and the overall flavor is mild. This one was also quite tasty.

*Recent is a relative term. At the time I started writing this post, it was only a week or so since I had been there. Now it’s been a couple months. Well, better late than never, I suppose.

**Not hot spicy, more like the spice you get from ginger although it doesn’t taste anything like ginger.

Note: This is the first of 3 or 4 drafts that have been mostly written and I never published for some reason. And since I’m still recovering from yesterday’s “surgery”, I figured I’d take it easy and just finish up this draft.


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  1. What if you mixed the coconut with the pineapple and poured it over ice? Oh! Or maybe use it to make that punch Sandy makes?

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