Day 6/30: In which I lose a couple teeth.

Earlier this week I finally recieved my insurance card for my dental insurance, so I made the call to have 2 of my remaining 3 wisdom teeth removed. The reason for doing this now is because one of those teeth had a cavity, so it needed to come out. And I figured since he was going to be working over there anyway, I’d have the other on that side removed.

Yeah. I’m a glutton for punishment.

So I arrived in Festus this morning an hour or so earlier than my appointment and met up with my dad and his girlfriend (they were giving me a ride and letting me stay at their place in case I needed a nap like last time I had a tooth removed).

Eventually, we headed to the appointment and I was taken back into the room, where they pretty much left me alone for 15 minutes so I could get nice and nervous.

Eventually, the doc and assistant(s) returned and got to work. Apparently, work started by asking me why I chose local over getting put out for the removal. Um, because my insurance would only cover a local. One of the assistants was also a student, so there was a lot of instructing while he was working in my mouth.

Oh, OH. I got jabbed by the novocaine needle 3 times. Maybe 4. You know, that kinda hurts each time. OW.

Anyway, the thing about the novocaine is this: while you don’t feel pain, you can feel and hear what they’re doing. And I’m pretty sure there was a saw at some point. Something drilly, at least.

In the end, both teeth came out without a problem, I got my very first ever stitch (where the lower one was), and I even got good drugs. It has been quite difficult, however, to eat. I’m trying to have a smoothie at the moment, but it’s difficult.

As I’m writing this, the novocaine seems to be wearing off a little more and I’m a little sore, so I just popped a mega dose of ibuprofen. I do have darvocet should I need it.


3 thoughts on “Day 6/30: In which I lose a couple teeth.

  1. I hope I’m not too late with this, but you know to not use a straw when you’ve had oral surgery right? It can dislodge the clot in the open socket and cause problems.

    Anyway, novicaine shouldn’t hurt if it’s given correctly. The problem is that most dentists don’t use a topcial numbing agent and don’t time the dose slowly enough so that they’re jamming the liquid into the tissue. I have no patience for this kind of dentist. (Might say it’s a pet peeve even :))

  2. I haven’t been using a straw, which is part of what makes the drinking difficult (especially a smoothie I tried to drink yesterday).

    The part of the novocaine that hurt was the initial prick. He did it very slowly, so it wasn’t bad other than a needle going into my mouth various places.

    I also went to an oral surgeon instead of just a regular dentist, so I think it’s not as bad as it could have been. In fact, I feel decent without the pain killers at the moment. Still sore, of course, but not bad at all.

  3. I know I’m way late with this…when my sons had their wisdom teeth removed, I bought them Slim Fast to drink. The consistency was thinner than a smoothie, but it still stuck with them for a while.

    That’s probably the ONLY time I’ll ever buy Slim Fast, though!

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