Day 5/30: There will be poop.

My election evening story:

I got done with my class yesterday afternoon around 3pm and headed out to vote. Because I had made an appointment to have a couple wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow, I also hit Target to stock up on some soup for the couple days afterwards.

I arrived home around 4pm, talked to Kathy, and she headed over to my place to hang out and watch the results. Then Ziggy the Wondercat threw up.

Over the next 2 1/2 hours, he vomited 6 times and kept trying to poop, but couldn’t. So we went to the vet. After $200 (which included an x-ray in which we found out that my cat also has a smaller than normal kidney), it appears that my little guy was constipated. There is the chance that he ate something he wasn’t supposed to, but I’m hoping it was just the constipation right now.

FYI – Did you know that cats vomit when they’re straining to poop? Me neither.

While the vet and I were talking over the x-ray, the vet tech brought Ziggy over to us. And then he peed on her. As we were leaving, I apologized to her since I was pretty sure Ziggy wouldn’t.

I’m still being cautious with him – trying to keep an eye out and make sure he’s not having any more problems, but he seemed to be better after I got him home. Tired and stressed out from the vet, but no more vomit. He even ate a bit of food this morning with the vet-recommended Miralax mixed in.

So on the evening that we get a new president, I spend a good chunk of it in the vet’s office. But at least my candidate won this time and not only did St. Louis City go blue (as expected), but so did my hometown (or at least my home county).


4 thoughts on “Day 5/30: There will be poop.

  1. My cats are always constipated! The vet says they aren’t but I know better when I see them rubbing their asses along the carpet in a nice poop streak. Awesome to clean up.

    Unfortunately my cats don’t eat wet food and even when they do, they know when I put something in it. Smart kitties. So no Miralax for them.

    I’m going to start giving them Benefiber in their water…I’m hoping that will work.
    Thanks for sharing your kitty pooping story. Now my cats can feel assured they aren’t the only ones getting highly constipated!!

    I’m glad Ziggy survived his ordeal. I’m hoping he’s in better spirits now!

    Good luck with your wisdom teeth.

  2. Isn’t there some kind of vaseline thing that cat’s can get that helps the pooping? Of course, now I can’t remember if they eat it orally or if it goes in the end. It seems like it’s something they eat….I’ve also heard butter or canned pumpkin works, but those seem more extreme somehow.

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