Day 1/30: I'm a fish swimming without fins

As part of my attempt to get healthier, I’ve noticed a few things lately:

  1. My bras no longer fit
  2. My underwear (also) are too big
  3. I got into my skinny jeans this morning.

Number 3 is really just something I noticed this morning, desperate as I was for a pair of clean pants and these being the only ones I could find in the closet. I put them on SURE that they wouldn’t fit and I would be rummaging in my clothes basket for the cleanest pair of dirty jeans I could find, but as I pulled the jeans up over my hips I was pleasantly surprised – not only do they now fit, but they fit quite comfortably. I’m able to sit on the couch with legs crossed without slicing myself in half, completely unable to breathe (this is the true test of any pair of pants or skirt that was once too small).

Going back to the bras, though. I’ve needed to do something about them for a while – my old style was discontinued a year or so ago, but I was able to sustain myself by finding them at other outlets until I exhausted those as well. Then earlier this week, as I was sitting on the couch minding my own business and knitting away, a little something kept poking me in the armpit.

With very little effort on my part, I was able to fix the problem by pulling a section of boning from the side of my bra. *sigh* One more for the trash, one less for me to wear. Which decided it – I needed to make the trip to Ann’s Bra Shop and get myself a new fitting and a new bra or two. Y’know, there really isn’t much for me to say about this trip – after waiting for a while (it was a Saturday morning), I got called back and had the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am of bra fittings. 10 minutes after my name was called, I was paying for my new bras (one of which is being mailed to me since they only had it in black) and leaving the store.

The good news: new bras = happy boobies. The bad news: By the time the second one gets to me, it may not fit anymore. And woman cannot live with a single black bra alone, sadly.

As for the underpants, I haven’t done anything about those yet. I’m thinking I’ll just remedy the problem during my next trip to Target.


2 thoughts on “Day 1/30: I'm a fish swimming without fins

  1. There is nothing equal to discovering that smaller pants fit. It really is a moment of nirvana

  2. new bras that fit well are so awesome. so many women wear the wrong size! congrats – you’re doing great :)

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