I had a dream we went away

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Act2 Bag, originally uploaded by Star Monkeybrass.

I won this great Act2 shoulder bag via a contest of sorts on Mae’s blog. It’s made completely from recycled plastic bottles and I’ve found it quite useful so far. The fabric feels very much like a nylon.

I’m impressed with the company as a whole for doing something with the plastic bottles. I recycle, but in reality most of those bottles wind up sitting and waiting for someone to do something with them. It’s still cheaper to produce new plastic than it is to recycle it, so until that changes or the companies get some kind of reward for using recycled plastic, big business will just keep making more plastic and all the bottles we use will sit in the buildings of recycling programs. Show some love to the people who are doing something useful with the unloved bottles!

(I now want the messenger bag & laptop sleeve. In fact, I want all their stuff. Because it’s awesome.)