falling from the stars

I know. I KNOW. My poor little blog is feeling neglected. (Okay, it’s only been a week since I posted, but longer than that since there was actual content.)

I’ve reached a point where I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. So, a quick update in bullet form:

  • Job news – It’s official, I’m officially working at the previously temp position permanently. Full time. Benefits. WOO – health insurance! Tuition now free! WOOO. And as a bonus, they made my position retroactive to this last pay period, which means I get a little extra moolah on payday (which is Friday).
  • Knitting news – I’m working on scrappy scarf #2 out of Kureyon scraps (I couldn’t help myself – and I have a third in the pipeline), a toddler sweater for EmmyG (daughter of Stonecutter Jules and the “winner” of my handknit item from the NOLA fundraiser I attempted to do. I raised all of $20 for New Orleans. Fail.), and various other projects stuck in limbo. Which means that tonight at Knit Nite I’m going to swatch for some thrummed mittens. Because that’s how I roll.
  • School news – Oy. Seriously, I am somehow overwhelmed right now. It’s not just school, but that’s definitely a contributing factor. One class requires a paper, group project/presentation, and final exam. The other class meets less frequently (marathon class format – 8a-5p on the days we meet), but is also a lot of work. I’m working on the assignment due Friday, we’ll have a quiz then, there’s also a group project there that involves a presentation AND a paper. So, yeah. I don’t know what I was thinking.
  • Life news – Mindy‘s wedding is next weekend, which is exciting. Yay!!! The bachelorette party is this weekend and promises to be fun. While I’m super excited for Mindy & her boy, I will be glad to be able to focus my attention to the other things in life again (as I’m sure Mindy will as well – she’s been about 100 times busier than me).
  • Get Healthy news – It’s going well, I think. I’m in week 4 or 5 (I can’t really remember) and I’m only down 5.5 pounds, but it seems like the fat is redistributing into muscle – I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist already (which means that my pants are too big. Even the ones I just bought a couple months ago that were a bit snug when I got them.) I’m also doing some strength training at home, really trying to incorporate things for my arms and abs at the moment. The cardio is going well – I still have trouble keeping up with my DVDs, but I’m getting better. :) It’s not like getting in shape means that I will suddenly lose every ounce of clumsiness I have (and there is A LOT of clumsy in me). Also, I’ve only had fast food twice since I started this plan and both were health concious choices – Lion’s Choice (less than 300 calories for a regular roast beef sammich, folks) and chicken tenders from BK (not as good as Lion’s choice, but not as bad as everything elso on the menu – only about 380 calories for an 8 piece).
  • HFCS-free news – This could have gone in the get healthy section, but eh. I’m doing pretty good. As I predicted, Dr. Pepper is my only lingering HFCS containing product. I’m not at all strict about it when I’m out, but I’m also eating at home a lot more. And the best part – I found a FANTASTIC bread that is HFCS free. It’s yummy and soft and delicious AND (bonus!!) only 80 calories for 2 slices. It’s Healthy Life Double Fiber with Flaxseed. So yummy. (Beware – some of their breads do still have HFCS in them, this is just not one of them). So delicious. And saves about 175 calories over 2 slices of regular wheat bread.

I think that’s about all that’s going on here. Now I have a long list of things to do and not nearly enough time to do them in.

3 thoughts on “falling from the stars

  1. ya wanna photograph my 20 things to photograph and blog about? No? me neither, for some reason I’m busy as hell.

  2. congrats on the job! that’s so exciting and totally awesome. free tuition??? AMAZING!

    and great job on your ‘getting healthy’ plan. i think that’s really awesome. it sounds like you really are gaining muscle. 2″ is awesome! i think it’s so important to focus on how you feel and how you look.

    have fun at mindy’s wedding!

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