I know all about the times before

So. Hi.

A couple months ago I joined SparkPeople just to track what I’ve been eating and get on the path to better eating habits. Then I never did it.

This week, I decided to get back into doing that, only with a new goal – I’m officially going to attempt to lose a bit of weight. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable as a chubby girl, but I’m of the belief that MANY of my health issues could be taken care of with a bit of weight control. And, well, who doesn’t want to look & feel better, right?

I don’t expect to ever be a small person. Hell, my goal weight still puts me in the “overweight” category. In order to be in the “normal” BMI range for my height, I’d need to lose almost 100 pounds. Right now, I’m looking at 60 pounds I’d like to lose. But really, I’d just like to be healthier.

This is something I’ve talked about a bit with my friends in person, but I haven’t discussed it here, at least not seriously. Maybe a mention here or there, but nothing with a plan. Nothing with an actual goal.

I’m starting small – cutting my calorie intake a bit, eating at least two fruits or veggies a day, walking 10,000 steps a day (which shouldn’t be difficult – I can walk 5,000 a day without trying when I’m working), taking the stairs instead of the elevator (which I’ve done twice today and felt great, even if a bit winded, afterwards), and I’m going to start walking more – like to my Tuesday class (which is a half mile each way) and maybe even when we meet at Mindy‘s for knitting.

I’m talking about this here because this will keep me accountable to the plan. I’ve already taken that initial step – cutting out excess HFCS from my diet. I just need to wean myself off the Dr. Pepper now. :)

As of today at 4:23 pm it is official – I’m going to eat healthier, find some kind of exercise program I like, and hopefully become a smaller version of myself.


9 thoughts on “I know all about the times before

  1. Good for you!

    I lost a chunk of weight a couple of years ago by doing exactly what you’re doing (and the good eating habits I learned have helped me keep MOST of it off!)

  2. good for you, kara! i think that you have a good goal – anything more lofty and it would just get frustrating and unhealthy. baby steps!

    i’m cutting out HCFS as well. i don’t drink a lot of soda, but if i do, it’ll be diet (not that diet soda is all that great for you either). i think that being more active is a huge step. walking instead of taking the elevator is huge and it’s great exercise. good luck and keep us posted!

  3. Woo hoo! You know I will support you in any way that I can. Come over to my place and we can walk around the apartment complex if you want – I’m always looking for a walking buddy.

  4. Good for you! YOu can always walk here for some puppy love… now, when you get crabby from no high fructose corn syrup i can stuff you with some matzah :) Good lord, knowing thats brings me down at passover almost makes me want to get it out perminantly….but I’m not.. :P

  5. I broke my ankle a few years ago and gained 20 lbs because of total inactivity…in a wheel chair for months. I used a combo of Adkins and Southbeach..I allowed the good carbs of Southbeach and just couldn’t do turkey bacon so I micro waved in paper towels to crisp two pieces of real bacon each am with 2 eggs…which are sooo nutritional and it really held me for a long time. I gave up potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. I also was able to satisfy hunger by drinking small cans of V8…it feels like a meal…and is only 35 calories and good for you. I am now facing surgery and being laid up again and hope to not repeat the weight gain. I certainly felt better with it off. And I am not a big soda drinker but I do like diet Dr. Pepper.

  6. Good luck Kara! Even losing a small amount of weight seems like a feat until you accomplish it!

    My biggest part was not drinking DP and Mtn Dew. I started drinking diet soda (I still can only drink it when I eat it with something) and am not all soda free for only a week but a week is better than nothing.

    I too did the South Beach Diet. I think it’s great for about the first 4 – 6 weeks of your diet just because it’s helpful in showing you what really is the bad carbs. It also motivates you by giving you meal plans that are easy to follow (you never start yourself but learn to choose veggies or nuts over chips and cookies). My mom still eats the two eggs and two slices of turkey bacon (oscar meyer is the ONLY kind I like) and she swears that it keeps her full until a late morning snack and I agree.

    Baby steps are the way to go! I’ll keep up with your progress!

  7. Kara – I want to invite you to visit our blog. I know, blatant self-promotion, but I think you’ll find some camaraderie. I got together with 6 other girls and we’re losing weight together. Not only that, we’re posting to the blog about it – a girl for every day of the week. Having the support of the other girls makes it easier to keep “behaving” instead of burying my head in a bag of cookies. Our readers seem to be losing right along with us. (We’re also giving away two memberships to Weight Watchers.) Anyway, it’s fun, supportive, and girly. And we’re all different weights, believe me. http://cincinnatilosers.blogspot.com

  8. I love sparkpeople! I agree, small steps, then re-evaluate. I lost weight for health as well, and it is the best motivator. Being healthy is the best goal to have, I’m here for you too!

  9. I know Clayton isn’t the most convenient for you, but I’ve been taking boxing classes there and love them. It’s hard – really hard – but it’s not dancey at all and the hour goes by quick. And boy does it burn calories!

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