so you might as well have a good time

Over the weekend was the wedding shower for Mindy & her boy.
(The youngster in the middle is the flower girl.)

We met at Highway 61 Roadhouse for lunch, presents, and cake and had a lot of fun hanging out and chatting. And eating the BEST FRIES EVER.

Best Fries EVER.
Those bad boys are a seasoned waffle fry topped with BBQ pulled pork, bacon, chives, and a cheddar cheese sauce. They are currently my favorite food. Everything else they serve could taste like absolute crap and I would still go there just to eat these fries. (Everything else there does NOT taste like crap, what I’ve had has been also quite tasty.)

It was a casual afternoon and a lot of fun. There are a few more pictures (including ones of the awesome party favors) in the flickr set here.

On Sunday, there was a bit of yarn dyeing at Mindy’s place, where we also watched Blades of Glory and lost about 10 IQ points.

My yarn turned out freakin’ awesome, though.
A small before picture:

Birthday Yarn!
And after:
This is the yarn Angie gave me for my birthday. It was pretty awesome even in the undyed state, but I (with help from Mindy) kettle dyed it and it turned out way cooler than I thought it would.