I'm becoming less defined as days go by

Last week, Mindy & I started working on the purses for her wedding. She came over one night and we cut out pattern pieces and I got started on a bit of sewing.

Then over the weekend, I made the sewing machine my best friend. I finished the first purse before dinner on Saturday and had the last one done by Monday afternoon.


I also put together a checkbook cover for Mindy that had been ready for the sewing machine for months. The only complaint? When a beginner pattern wants you to miter the corners, but then doesn’t explain how to do it properly. I had to fake that part a bit.

checkbook cover for Mindy

Lastly, I tried to make my own pattern. It still has a few kinks, but isn’t bad for the first attempt.

purse 1.0

Next up: Learn how to put zippers in a purse.

7 thoughts on “I'm becoming less defined as days go by

  1. Here’s how I put zippers in purses. I unzip the zipper and sew each side on individually with the zipper inbetween the outer bag and the lining. Then I can zip up the zipper, bind or clip off the extra part and Voila! I don’t think that’s how real seamstresses do it though, but my mom taught me to do that on pillows.

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