got a revolution behind my eyes

Dear Wendy Bernard,

THANK YOU. From the bottom of my plus-sized knitting heart, THANK YOU.

You see, I was wandering aimlessly around my local Borders the other day with a couple gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. I found myself (as usual) in front of the knitting books, where I saw your newly released book Custom Knits. So I picked it up and wandered to a chair to flip through it.

Quite honestly, Wendy, I figured I would find the same thing I find in many of the knitting books I’m interested in – cute patterns for things I’d like to make that don’t come in my size. Instead what I found was cute patterns for things I’d like to make in, shockingly enough, my size and LARGER. Seriously.

Now, I’m not discounting the presence of the two Big Girl Knits books in my collection, but they are specialized to us chubby girls. For a book of patterns to get published with many of the patterns starting in the “normal” sizes and going up to the 55″ bust size? Impressive.*

Obviously, the book came home with me.

So, Wendy, again, thanks. I really appreciate it.



*Especially since designers that write individual patterns in plus sizes go and publish a book that doesn’t have one pattern in my size. Which is even more annoying because said book has a lot of really cute stuff that I’d like to make.