the night is full of holes

This week I…

  • got my first TB shot/test thing ever. It was negative. In fact, it was so negative that I couldn’t tell where I’d gotten the shot a few hours after it was done.
  • had my haircolor done with the rock star red again. This time I also added a little bit of orange because the time to experiment with your hair color is when you’re 33, right? Not that you can see it in the picture, of course.
  • Picked up my dress for Mindy‘s wedding & went with her so we could both get alterations done.
  • Received most of the party favors for Mindy & Eric’s wedding shower. Y’all are gonna want a bag. Seriously. In fact, I just put together a little sample bag so I could make sure everything fit in there.
  • Reorganized my linen/bathroom closet. Things are easier to get to at the moment & I’m pretty sure I have enough body wash to wash a small army (then again, I did stock up when Bath & Body Works discontinued my favorite one recently).
  • Started working with Mindy on the cute purses for her wedding party. They’re gonna be legen(-wait-for-it-)dary.
  • Finished the heel on the first of my Neopolitan Knee High socks. WOO.
  • Started my fall classes. Nothing exciting to report, though.
  • Finished reading The Fig Eater for a small online discussion group. I wanted to know how it ended, but it got to a point where I didn’t really care how we got to the end anymore.

Next week perhaps I’ll actually take the time to write a real blog post. But until then, have a lovely weekend.


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