I said I was willing

I present to you, a finished scarf.


Let’s talk yarn first. About a year ago, I bought a skein of worsted weight yarn from the Wollmeise to make My So Called Scarf, but I didn’t like knitting the pattern. So I ripped. I also realized that I didn’t have enough yarn to actually make a scarf for myself, especially since I like them long. I was lucky enough to grab a couple more skeins out of the online shop, and I’m glad I did.


It’s amazing to me how close the two different lots of yarn match. There’s a slight difference, but the two yarns pooled exactly the same and look REALLY close. Which absolutely amazes me. The saturation of the colors is nearly identical, the yarn is amazing to work with, and I really like what I’m calling the “argyle” pattern it made through the scarf.


And I’ve even successfully learned to use the timer function on my camera. Although I wasn’t so good at realizing the light from the window made for difficult photo taking. Ah, well, good enough.

The details:

Yarn: Wollmeise Merino-Lammdochtwolle in Am Kalten Polar. I used a little over 2 skeins (209g). (Unfortunately, this yarn is not currently available.)
Pattern: Wavy by Sarah Smith from Knitty, Winter 2004
Pattern modifications: None, really. I did an extra pattern repeat to make it long enough for me. It clocks in at 66 inches long.
Time: I started working on this in January, 2008 and finished on August 23, 2008. This nearly became a UFO, but it caught my interest again a couple weeks ago when I wasn’t interested in working on any of my recent projects.

Now I just might have to pick up the Chevron scarf that’s been lingering on the needles since last October.


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  1. Oh, WOW! Makes me very sad that we may never be able to get this yarn again!
    It is simply gorgeous!

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