you don't need a spaceship

There hasn’t really been a whole lot going on these days worth writing about.

  • I’ve really been in the zone knitting on my Wavy Scarf after putting it down for several months. It’s been on the needles since January, so it’s exciting to work on it again. Well, not exciting to work on (it’s basically a k3, p3 for every row), but exciting to get to a point where I’ll get it finished.
  • I’ve been working with fellow bridesmaid Shanon on planning Mindy & Eric’s wedding shower. I think I have everything for the party favors taken care of. And since we’re doing it at a restaurant, we don’t really need to worry about decorations. Also ordered gifts for the couple this week. So, things seem to be under control there.  And I will be eating fries covered in pork and dairy products during said shower.
  • My fall classes start on Tuesday. I’m taking Public Health Admin. & Applied Epidemiology. Woo. Pub Health Admin is one of the two classes I really really really don’t want to take*, but they are two of the core competencies I’ll get asked questions about during comps**.
  • Speaking of classes, I will be done with my coursework next Fall (2009), but will still have to do my internship and the above mentioned comps. I don’t think I could do those two things, take 2 classes, and work full time during the Fall semester, so it’ll take me the extra time to finish my degree. But I have it planned and there is an end in sight. WOOOO!
  • I discovered something interesting this week – the new line of Bliss chocolates from Hershey are NOT made with High Fructose Corn Syrup. There’s some information out there about the health benefits of cutting out HFCS and it IS something I’ve thought about doing, but I haven’t because HFCS is so prevalent in everything – it’s even in your loaf of bread. Go on, check the ingredients, I’ll wait……. See? EVEN IN BREAD, people! So, anyway, the point is that I like knowing there is an easy to find chocolate product that is really tasty out there without HCFS should I decide to make this change. It’s nice to know that even if I don’t cut out HCFS.***
  • Additionally, and importantly, the chocolates made with actual sugar and that don’t include HCFS actually taste better. So much better. Seriously.

That’s all for now. Once I finish this scarf I’m going to wax poetic about the amazing dye job on the yarn, but that will wait.

*The other being the Behavioral Theory class. Hi, I have a MS in Psychology. Yet I can’t get out of this class. Ugh.

**Comprehensive Oral Exams. Instead of writing a thesis, I get to take an oral exam that also includes a case presentation on a case we get all of 24 hours before our exam. The thought of comps stresses me out to no end – I get nervous and misunderstand the question, so I start to just ramble and wind up saying nothing. Fun times.

***If I did cut out HFCS I’d have to give up my beloved Dr. Pepper, which makes me sad.


One thought on “you don't need a spaceship

  1. Hi,
    My google alert for HFCS picked up your post.
    Try The site lists foods that are HFCS-free. She
    welcomes additions and suggestions. As to your yen for Chocolate. Go
    European. Nearly all European chocolates, German, Belgian, French, Italian are
    made with real sugar. It makes a difference. I’ve noticed recently that
    M&M with peanuts dropped the HFCS. They still use corn syrup (100% glucose)
    but that’s been around for a long time.
    Take care

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