Sweet talking, sugar coated candyman

You may remember that my weekend in Michigan included an impromtu trip through the Chocolate exhibition at the Henry Ford Museum, in the gift area of which I found many many chocolate items to purchase and try.

Today I bring you a review of three salty/sweet treats.

Disclaimer, part 1 –  I love the combination of salty & sweet. Whoever created chocolate covered pretzels was a genius. GENIUS!!

First, the Sanders Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramels. See that picture? Yeah, imagine that deliciousness melting in your mouth. *drool* So good. What I love: the caramel, even after refrigeration (my kitchen gets really hot and chocolate gets really soft), stays soft. The dark chocolate is an excellent choice to pair with the sweetness of the caramel & the sea salt. I actually have had one person try these who was not a fan of the salt, but she said that the yumminess of the rest of the confection outweighed the salt. I actually had to take these into work so I wouldn’t eat the entire box of them myself (all in one sitting). So good.

Next up, Bacon + Chocolate. Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges.

I finally did a little taste test tonight and it was really quite good. The bacon was definitely there, but the flavor was not overpowering. It was really more of a salty/sweet combo again. Like I said, not an overpowering flavor of bacon, it was just right.

I was also quite enamored of the sweet/salty combination. It was actually perfect – the right amount of salt/bacon to the chocolate. Even though it was a milk chocolate, it wasn’t overly sweet – the bar was really just a perfect balance.

Vosges Chocolate Bacon + Chocolate.

Speaking of bacon candy, a while ago I got some of Lollyphile’s Maple Bacon Lollipops.
Maple Bacon Lollipops
You may recall a previous mention of them, but I don’t think I actually reviewed the product – I just talked about the FANTASTIC customer service at Lollyphile.

So, the actual product. It’s interesting – bacon in a lollipop. The maple flavor is, of course, the dominant flavor of the lollipop. I find it a little odd to have the bits of bacon in there. The taste is good, but I’m not used to having bits of chewyness in my hard candies. These are also not quite as salty as the previous items – I feel like they need a dash of salt to counteract the sweetness of the maple. But overall, a fine and quite tasty product. And I can’t wait to see what other flavors they come up with.

Disclaimer, part 2 – I was not asked to discuss any of these items by any interested party. They are just products I enjoyed and wanted to share with the world.

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