Some like it hot & some sweat when the heat is on

I just got home from my evening out with the fellow twitter folk and checked the NaBloPoMo theme for August to find that it is HOT.

I toyed with joining in for the month very briefly (because, hey, what better way to get back to blogging on a schedule than to force yourself to do it EVERY DAY for a month. Yeah, doesn’t work), then came back to reality and realized that I would run out of Hot topics after, oh, tonight.

Still, in honor of NaBloPoMo, a couple things that were hot that I experienced today:

  • The weather. Holy hell, it is hot in St Louis. All through July it was bearable, sometimes even cool. The past week has been warm, but it’s like the switch was flipped today and BAM – hotter than Hell out there today. Sheesh.
  • Hot Wings. Or hot wing. I only managed one before my lips were a little on fire – not that they were really that spicy, I’m just that sensitive.
  • Not hot, but awesome – the deceptive Mr. Pibb tap at Llywelyn’s – I saw the fountain, asked for a Mr. Pibb, waiter said they had Dr. Pepper instead and “is that okay”. Is the Pope Catholic? Yeah!

See, out of ideas already, so there’s no way I could carry this out for a whole month. I’m saving you all from a month of “Holy Crap, it’s HOT outside” posts. You should be thrilled.

Finally, a small housekeeping note: maintaining a sticky post is a PITA for me in WordPress, so instead I’m just going to tack a little reminder about my contest at the end of every post. Annoying, maybe, but it’s my blog and my contest and I would really like more than one donation – I’d love to see how much money we can raise for Habitat for Humanity & New Orleans. For details, go to this post and check it out. Thanks.