it was a graveyard smash

So, while I was home yesterday (switching around my day off with a day worked), I got a little crafty.

A while back (I’m talking months, people), I had started working on a quilt top. I got the main long strips sewn together &/or cut out, then pinned together and ready for sewing. And I sewed about 3 strips together and put it away so I could do various other things.

Fast forward to yesterday – I’ve inherited a sewing machine that may be smarter than I am. It was my mom’s machine and it’s built to stand up to layers of fabric – I could machine quilt on this thing if I wanted to. But I hadn’t used it yet. So I got all my supplies out and got to work with the goal of sewing all the strips together into one large piece.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to be big enough at this stage. I don’t think I needed to worry.



Now all I need to do is get some backing fabric and yarn to tie it off (I’m doing the simple quilting since this one is seasonal). Should be done in time for Halloween this year!


3 thoughts on “it was a graveyard smash

  1. You almost make me want to do one, then i remember i have small ass curtain to do for my wonder woman cabinet that i won’t touch due to sir barky pants…

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