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It’s DONE!!

The Finished Product

Way back in April I had started working on giving my old chest of drawers a new look. Inspired by this tutorial on fabric decoupaging some old nightstands, I gathered my supplies – white paint, very cool Amy Butler fabric (from the Belle collection), Mod Podge, and some new drawer pulls. I started the job in Mindy’s basement thinking that it would be easier than working on it in my apartment. And it was, to an extent. There just wasn’t enough light in there, so I moved the operations over to my apartment.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Here’s what the unit looked like when I started:
This has actually been in my family for as long as I can remember, which means that it’s a good 30 years old. I got it when I got my first apartment down in Cape Girardeau. Before the exposed wood look, it was covered in a dark mahogany colored paint or sealant. My dad spent some time stripping it off and made it look pretty nice. However, it’s obviously getting old now and it also didn’t go with the rest of my bedroom furniture which is all white. So, when Mindy sent me the link to the nightstands, I immediately knew that a refurbishment of my old unit was in order.

The first step after a quick sanding was to prime the unit, and apparently myself.
Primed mildew free!
(You do not even want to see what happened to the jeans and t-shirt(s) I wore during this process.)

Next, of course, was the painting. I did a couple coats in the basement before moving it over to my place.
I discovered that I definitely needed another coat or two of paint when I got it home, so I sanded, reprimed, and repainted before moving on to the decoupage part of the day.

Once I was done painting, I was in the home stretch. Except that I ran out of Mod Podge about halfway through and had to find more.
Putting the fabric on putting fabric on
I was doing all of this in my living room, which meant I was dodging drawers and the unit for a few weeks.

I actually finished the decoupage and started to work on the drawer pulls a few weeks ago, but the fun and funky pulls I found at Ikea did not want to cooperate with me. So some wood filler and another coat of mod podge (only on the one drawer, though) later, I just today put the original pulls on the drawers and finished the unit.

It’s not perfect, but will work for holding my t-shirts.
The Finished Product

The Finished Product

The Finished Product


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  1. OMG Kara! That is SO cute!! I love the fabric! It’s so bright and lively! It will look great with your IKEA bedspread (but you already knew that, didn’t you?) Good job!

    And watch out for Modge Podge! I still have sweaters with that crap all over them from sticking my arms into my projects!! It’s such an awesome invention though…

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