maybe we'll see on the Fourth of July

So, the birthday itself was good. The official dinner party isn’t until this weekend as some Stonecutter friends came in on the 3rd and I spent most of my weekend with them. It was really more about Jen & Joey hitting the StL for the first time this weekend, although I did indulge in cake and such.

So, the weekend recap (3 days later). Like I said, J&J came in on Thursday, so we hit The Tap Room. I suggested we start there because the two are beer lovers, so I thought it would be a good match for them. Their plane was a bit late, so Stacey (she who makes weird decisions and who they were staying with the first couple nights) picked them up and brought them straight to dinner from the plane. We dinnered, I got awesome swag & ate some Sticky Toffee Pudding. We then moved over to Milo’s for a bit until they closed down the patio, after which I headed home to sleep.
Tap Room
(Photo courtesy of Jen & Joey)
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Friday was low-key for me  until I made my way to my two 4th of July shindigs. I made my first from scratch banana pudding for the partay at Mindy‘s (which I blogged about over here), which was a lot of fun. After that, I headed over to Stacey’s house to hang with the folks and watch some fireworks. Then we sat out in her driveway (on chairs) and chatted until the wee hours of the morning. I love it when the company is so great that even though you’re tired, you don’t want to leave.

(photo courtesy of Jen&Joey)

Saturday I joined up with the crew again to show J&J a bit of the city and also hit the City Museum. They’ve opened up some new and fun stuff since my last visit there, so it was cool to see it again.

At City Museum(photo courtesy of Jen&Joey)



Then after a short break, we met up at McGurks for dinner, followed by drinks at the Upstairs Lounge. I called it an early night after that, but still wish I would have been able to stay out longer and hang at Venice Cafe with the group.

Dinner at McGurk's(photo courtesy of Jen&Joey)

We managed to score some tickets to a Cards-Cubs game on Sunday, thanks to Joey’s dad. So we visited the Cards Hall of Fame briefly before the game, then watched a bit of baseball. It was my first Cards/Cubs game, so I thought it was kinda cool to see all the blue and red competing for attention in Busch Stadium. Granted I was in red myself and rooting for the Cards. Sadly, it was not a winner for the Cardinals that day. It was still a good time filled with nachos and baseball. The game was followed by dinner in the Loop, then (again) I headed home for an early night. I did have to work on Monday.

Overall, I’m gonna have to say it was a great weekend. I had a lot of fun hanging with Jen, Joey, & Stacey (and Stacey’s friends and family). I love a good Stonecutter meetup, especially when they’re in my hometown and I just get to tag along for the fun. There are a few more pictures from the weekend here, now including a few Jen let me steal from her.

(ETA more pictures. Because I wanted to.)