she wore lemon

After countless hours of knitting, then crocheting*, Lizard Ridge is finished. Finito. Done.

I have no idea what to do with my knitting time now.

LR Border

The border itself took a long time – I spent the better portion of Sunday crocheting it and I had started the first row after seaming was finished on Saturday night. I may have crocheted the edge too tightly, but since I’ll be using this as a throw, I don’t think it’s anything to concern myself with.

Lizard Ridge

I used mattress stitch to seam the squares into rows, then used the same principle to seam the rows together. I wasn’t able to figure out a good way to seam the rows together so the seaming didn’t show, so in the end I just went with it.

Ziggy has claimed Lizard Ridge

Once it was all in one big piece, Ziggy tried to help. Well, he tried to sleep on the blanket no matter where it was, including on my lap with crochet hook in my hand.

Lizard Ridge

This last picture was taken before I washed it last night. It’s still laying on my air drying rack drying. In the bathtub.

The Details:

Pattern: Lizard Ridge from Knitty
Yarn: about 21 skeins of Noro Kureyon (colors 180, 165, 92, 170, 131, 148) & Silk Garden (colors 86, 84, 87, 221); Cascade 220 for seaming (color chocolate) and border (color 2433)
Started: sometime in June 2007
Completed: June 15, 2007

*After I learned how to crochet, or at least how to single & double.


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  1. Whoo hoo! Congrats on finally finishing Ziggy’s new kitty bed. That IS what you intended this project to be, right? :)

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