trying to fit the world inside a picture frame

When I was in Gunsmoke on Tuesday, I noticed that one of the local “landmarks” is now closed. The Magik Market was a popular place in town, especially on Friday and Saturday night – it’s parking lot was our turn around and stop and chat place. It was also responsible for my friends and I ingesting more caffeine and sugar than should be legal in the form of Jolt cola.


It was conveniently located, right on the corner of Main Street and, um, whatever other street that was there. In fact, I stopped there not 6 months ago to pick up a soda during one of my trips into town. Even then, though, I noticed MM was in decline. Still, I am sad to see it go.

In the past when I’ve moved away from someplace that I’m not coming back to often, I spend some time going around town and taking pictures to remember it by. I did it when I left Cape Girardeau, I did the same thing when I left Macomb. When I left Gunsmoke, I didn’t. I knew I’d be back occasionally and I assumed that everything would stay pretty much the same. Or at least that places wouldn’t disappear into the mist.

Tuesday when I drove into town, I felt for the first time that Gunsmoke wasn’t my home anymore. I haven’t lived there for 2 years, but moving away never felt permanent. It wasn’t that I wanted to move back there at any point during that time, I guess I just felt like part of me was still there. But now that I’ve settled into my apartment and have a place that’s completely my own in the city, I feel less attached to the town where I spent my formative years. I still have fond memories of Gunsmoke and family that lives in the area, but it’s no longer where I lay my head. It’s odd when the place you called home for so long becomes just the place you go to see family.


2 thoughts on “trying to fit the world inside a picture frame

  1. Yeah, I live right down the street from this, and it’s sad to see it go. We used to hang out there all the time while cruising! I had tons of memories in the parking lot. Wish it was still there, but the economy is just not that great now. I wonder what will be put in it’s place.

  2. I saw a sign like that on Geyer Rd. in Kirkwood last week. It wasn’t the actual name of the store though and I wondered what the initials stood for.

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