the dreams that you dare to dream

So, life has been very busy lately at Chez Kara. It’s been good, but I do miss the down time a bit. Things should calm down at least a little after this weekend, so that’s good.

The things that kept me busy were, as I said, good. Last weekend, friends Brent & Shanon got married. Wednesday night was the low-key (read: kinda quiet), but fun bachelorette party. We had dinner at 1111 Mississippi, followed by drinks at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar.

The festive table decorations

The Party Crew
The party girls (a few more party pics here).

Friday brought (of course) Brent & Shanon’s wedding at The Jewel Box. It was lovely and the rain held off at least long enough for everyone to get to the reception.

The happy couple.

Best Groom’s Cake Ever.

The yummy wedding cake.

Mindy & Eric

Mindy & me (more wedding pics here).

Saturday brought about a tweet-up of sorts in the form of the Midwest Media Conference. The Roadhouse has THE BEST fries in the world – the ones that are all covered in shredded pork, bacon, & cheese. YUM. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of those because we were too busy shoving them in our mouths. But a few other pictures I took can be seen here.

This week has also been busy, Tuesday I went and got a haircut. I was in serious need of a trim, as evidenced by the above picture. Weather permitting (and fingers crossed), there will be a large yard sale on Saturday, so today finds me driving again to Gunsmoke to pick up several boxes of stuff I’ve had stored in my dad’s garage and tomorrow finds me getting up at the crack of dawn to set up and get ready to sell all kinds of stuff.


2 thoughts on “the dreams that you dare to dream

  1. Hello! I haven’t been by your blog in forever! I don’t know why, I’ve had you on my blogroll since my first visit LOL Just one of those things, I guess. I love what you’ve done to the design of your blog, it’s beautiful! Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi, so, Hi! Have a good yard sale, hopefully the weather will clear out some. :)

  2. The wedding looks gorgeous, as do you and Mindy! Although I must say that your right bosom looks like it’s about to knock Mindy out of the picture. ;-)

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