this is my dance y'all

I’m feeling the need to spread the love, people. So here in no particular order are some things I love right now.*

  • Lollyphile. Seriously, y’all. I had actually bought some of the maple-bacon lollipops, but the sugar crystallized and they turned into maple-bacon candy on a stick. They were still tasty (and I ran around yelling “MAPLE CANDY” a la Friends), but I figured I would just let the folks there know that something was just a little wrong. Dude. Jason from Lollyphile got back to me the next day (even though I’m pretty sure it was a Sunday) offering to do whatever he could to make it right. He totally went above and beyond. So awesome. I love when companies have good great customer service. And I would totally recommend getting yourself some lollys. I’ll be waiting patiently to see what flavors they come up with next.
  • My new duvet cover (that I use as a bedspread) from Ikea. It was available in multiple colors, but I went outside the box that has me buying everything in pink and went with the blue. I like it.
  • Scoop Away Plus Crystals kitty litter. This is possibly the best kitty litter I’ve found for odor and scoopability. Which means, of course, that Target quit carrying it and replaced it with the new Scoop Away Free version (which I will try, but the crystals really help with the odor control).
  • I am still totally smitten with the Noro Kureyon yarn. I will probably wax poetic about it when I actually finish the afghan.
  • My new lab coat. Keeps me from freezing my butt off & makes me look more professional when I’m wearing jeans at work.

That is all for now. I had a busy weekend, which I will talk about after I get a chance to look over the pictures and upload them.

2 thoughts on “this is my dance y'all

  1. I’m right there with you on the Lollyphile. I received my maple bacons about a month ago, and I loved them. So strange, yet so tasty.

  2. My cat is incredibly picky about her litter. Her preferred brand is the Schuncks kind, though. She’d sooner go on the carpet that use scented litter. (Yes, we found out the hard way.)

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