it's in your head

As I’m finally getting everything in the correct places in the apartment*, I took a few pictures.

First up, the bathroom. Mostly because I went with the monkey theme in there and it’s just fun. It just so happened that there was monkey stuff at 2 different stores when I was planning, so I went with it.
Monkey Bathroom
What you can’t see there is that I also have a monkey rug in front of my sink. It’s pretty much the coolest bathroom ever.

Next, the kitchen. I was going with a pink, black, & white theme. I also have some cool artwork from Mindy all over the place, starting with the K in the kitchen.
Corner in kitchenCrystallized SugarK for Kitchen & Kara
In the middle is the Crystallized Sugar picture by Julie. I also have this awesome print from etsy waiting for a frame. It’ll go on the wall with the K, too.

The living room is where I spend most of my days (well, evenings, actually, but I was trying to do something there). I’ll get the couch in here sometime next week I think, but for now it works just fine. I’ve got my little craft area, my computer desk, and my tv all in here.
Craft Corner & EntrywayThe Craft area.
YarnishTV area
Again, art from Mindy on the left there. It’s hanging above the TV (although it obviously was not there when I took the TV wall picture) and it’s all yarny.

Finally, the bedroom. It’s still a work in progress, but I do like the windows. Ziggy the Wondercat is also quite fond of the super-wide window ledges.

It’s good to have my own place again.

*Although my living room is currently playing host to the drawer unit I’m trying to finish decoupaging, so it’s kind of messy.