with cherry lips and golden curls

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Fruit Salsa w/Cinnamon Pita Chips, originally uploaded by Star Monkeybrass.

I made this killer Fruit Salsa for our Cinco de Mayo potluck at work yesterday. The recipe is here, though I did make a few changes – I added pineapple, used raspberry preserves, and omitted the brown sugar.

This stuff was seriously fantastic and easy to make. I couldn’t stop eating it.


3 thoughts on “with cherry lips and golden curls

  1. HEY that recipe is in my recipe box on that site! I always think of making it and then decide that nobody in my family would truly appreciate it like I would. Mebbe when friends come in to town to visit in a couple of weeks I will give it a try. Yours looks so much prettier than the pic on the website!

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