the tables were turned

Dear Monkey Sock,

Monkey socks

Things were going so well, you looked awesome, I was halfway done with the first sock, and then….then it all fell apart. I tried you on tonight and could not even get you over my heel. So I ripped. The whole sock. Out.

*sigh* Monkey sock, you mock me.  I so want a pair for myself, but keep having problems. This is the 4th (at least) time I have had to rip a pair out. Four times I have tried to make these socks for myself and failed.

Ah, well, someday. Just not right now.


6 thoughts on “the tables were turned

  1. I would recognize that yarn from a mile away. And the sock? So lovely. What size needles are you using? (My Woolly Boully monkeys were done on 2 1/2s. I didn’t mean for that to happen (the Addi dpns were mislabeled), but it worked out perfectly.)

  2. I used 2s, maybe I should try a 2 1/2. I do tend to knit rather tightly (apparently – I got 11 sts/inch with Trekking on size 1s), so might be worth it to go up a size.

  3. I was loving them too! But I’ve had the same troupble with monkeys… Like Jaywakers, they don’t fit as written. Poo.

  4. I think Monkey has a lot of negative ease. I only knit them for folks who have skinny legs which completely counts me out.

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