his name is Windjammer

It has been just over a week since I moved into the apartment.

Naturally, the move came at a time when I was overloaded with school work – I had a final on Friday to study for and a group project due in class yesterday. But, and thank heavens for this, I am done with classes until August. I have free time available when I won’t think about the homework I should be doing. Free!

To celebrate my free time, I spent a good portion of yesterday evening rewatching the first season of How I Met Your Mother (I love that show) and unpacking & putting away the last 5 boxes of stuff. I still have some dishes to wash and put away* and pictures to hang, but I am moved in. I’m sure that I will move things around a bit as I find better places for them, but at least everything has a place at the moment.

I found places to hang my pictures and such tonight, but since it’s after 10pm I am being considerate and not hanging them right now. I also discovered that I need more pictures and such to hang on my walls, but one thing at a time.

And now, I must be off to dreamland. I  am very tired.

*Which I can now do – I needed a step stool to get to my top cabinets and I finally got one today.