you're my obsession

A short tale of candy and obsession.  

Once upon a time, a girl went to Albuquerque and stopped. She didn’t take a left or a right or wind up in the Sahara Desert instead of sunny Florida. She was just visiting and presenting at a conference, then she turned around and went back to Missouri.

While in Abq., she found The Candy Lady. The Candy Lady had the best coconut bon-bon’s the girl had ever tasted and to date, none have measured up to the perfection that was The Candy Lady’s coconut bon bon. Even now, 10 years later, the girl occasionally thinks about those coconut bon bon’s and wishes she had some.

Today, the girl thought about them again and finally used the internet in all it’s glory. The Candy Lady‘s website has online ordering and the coconut bon bon’s for sale. But the girl did not buy them because she is trying to be good. And she doesn’t need an entire pound of chocolately coconutty perfection staring at her, nor does she want to pay the shipping charge to get the tasty candy goodness.

See, the girl is afraid that the conconutty contraption will not be as fantastic and perfect as she remembers. So, for now, she is happy knowing that she can order the coconut goodness online. Until then, she will continue the search locally.

The End.

Post Script: If anyone has suggestions for coconutty goodness in the StL, feel free to send them my way.  Thank you. :)