need a better reason

*sigh* I need to live in a world where I can take decongestants. Seriously. This whole decongestant-free* lifestyle I’ve been living the past 2 years is really not working out for me. I live in Missouri and I’m allergic to nature. I need a little more than Zyrtec and Singulair to get me through the day. I need something hardcore – something with a -D at the end of it’s name declaring that “YES! I will aid you in a snot-free lifestyle! With this mighty oak tree as my witness, you will never be snotty again!” I don’t think I’ve been able to breathe freely for one full day in the last 24 months. I am singlehandedly keeping Kleenex in business.

In the past couple days I have contracted a mystery illness I’m going to call a “cold”. I have been treating it with the requisite Zicam/Vitamin C cocktail with a bit of love from Simon the Wonderpup, Riley Fancypants and Ziggy the Kinda Whiny Cat. Ziggy has, of course, spent much of the past 2 days looking surly as I’m also packing things up and rearranging his space. Because you can’t just go around moving things and snuggling with the dogs and now he thinks I am going to leave him forever. Or he’s just constipated.

Anyway, the cold is clearly going through all the stages that I witnessed Mindy go through during this same time period – sore throat that responds to no medication (check), enough snot to make an ocean of snot (check),  and today the coughing and phlegm. God I hate the coughing and phlegm. And really, I’m not fond of the sore throat or snot, either, but I at least don’t jerk awake at 2am hacking up a lung and wondering why my throat is so frikken dry then. Ugh.

Let’s go back to the snot for a moment because, really, it fascinates me. How is it that I can clear my nose of all snot and breathe for ONLY 2 seconds before my nose is once again a snot machine? If I keep blowing, I’m sure I’ll see brain in there soon!** C’mon!

At least, though, I seem to be battling through it and am on the downhill slide of this one. Thank George. Sure it was only a few days of illness, but a few days when I had TOO MUCH to do – like go to class, pack up my crap, etc…

And now I need to be sleeping. Because nothing says germ attack like a lack of sleep.

*This is not some “ohmygod-decongestants are bad for me! and the environment! I must save us all!” lifestyle I’ve been living. This was FORCED on me by my Dr when she put me on meds for high blood pressure. Yes, at 30. I was fine until my mother passed away and then I inherited all her medical problems. Thanks for the legacy, mom! Love ya!

**Credit to Mindy for that one, as she said something brain-snot related earlier today.


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  1. I personally haven’t tried it but my dad and one of my friends swear by the neti pot. I don’t think I’m coordinated enough to pull it off! However, I use Ocean nose spray. It’s only saline – no drugs – so you can use it and use it without eating a hole in your sinuses. It seems to help keep my sinuses clear of snot.

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