you talk to me like we connect

It’s been a while, I know. How about a string of loosely related paragraphs with witty (or not so witty) titles?

Thalidomide, the Musical!*
I was in class on Sunday as I had to give a presentation on Thalidomide. My teacher is under the impression that I am (a) a good student and (b) a smart person. While I will not argue with point b, I don’t agree with point a. I won’t let him know that at this point in the semester, but really. Not the best student.

Well, f*ck me
On April Fool’s Day I picked up the keys to my new apartment. Kathy and I hung out on Tuesday evening and attempted to build a bookshelf. It was one of those tool-free numbers. It was going fine until we got to putting the back on it. Yeah. Just fine. The back was in 2 pieces and we did the first part fine (after a false start where I directed us to put some of the pieces in the wrong holes). The second, well, not so much. I put it on upside down. But I didn’t realize that until it was too late. Which is when I said the above transitional phrase.

I see many more curse words in my future as I have many more things to build. But I have a hammer and power tools, so I’m set.

Kitty at my foot & I’m gonna touch it
Today I went down to Gunsmoke to pick up my TV & DVD player for the new place and hit Wal Mart since I was there and it was, too.

When I got to my dad’s house, there was this incessant and LOUD meow coming from the basement. But it was not Bits (who was my mom’s cat and made an escape to the outside one day where she now lives in harmony with the backyard and the cat food my dad puts out for her), it was another stray who had decided to hide in there one day and who had, until today, refused to come out.

After 5 minutes I couldn’t take the meowing anymore and I went downstairs to free the kitty. Who would meow as he walked closer and closer, but act like he was going to run back into the depths of the basement if I got too close. In the end, stray kitty was rescued from the basement and even let me pick him up (which I did so he wouldn’t run back into the basement when I was locking it up again).

The 12th circle of hell
Tomorrow I’ll be spending a good chunk of time at the new digs waiting for my internet connection to get hooked up. So today, after lunch with dad, I headed to Wal Mart to pick up a few things. Like a vacuum, which I will need when I’m done building things. I also took a load of stuff over to the apartment this afternoon. I have boxes to empty because I am out of boxes to pack things in.

In the past, I’ve often blasted Wal Mart. But today’s trip wasn’t too bad, probably because it was in Gunsmoke at 1pm on a Thursday, so there weren’t people ramming me with their carts or blocking aisles. Perhaps I’m feeling a little kinder to Wal Mart after reading this article, or maybe it was just a better time of day to go. Either way, I didn’t leave angry or wanting to run over people with my car.

And now I am off to dreamland. Because it’s 10:30 and I need to be awake in 11 hours.

*Yes, it’s a real thing. I found info about it when I was doing research for my presentation. Too lazy to link now, though. Google it.