be my night owl

I finished my first toe-up socks this weekend.
Kureyon Socks
It was also my first pair of socks out of the Kureyon sock yarn, which I am now in love with. It might not be as soft as other sock yarns, but I think the joy of it being Noro makes up for that. Because, seriously, look at these socks!
Kureyon Sock #1
Look at those colors, the stripeyness, the happy sockness. How can you deny the joy that is the Noro sock yarn?

Other than finishing the socks, the bridesmaids and I accompanied Mindy on the search for her wedding dress. We’ve been to 3 stores now and it’s like pulling teeth to get these women to help you if you aren’t going the traditional white dress route. The last place we went was the most helpful and the least snooty, but they did not have the dress we went there to check out.*

During the wedding dress day o’driving, we decided to check out a new-to-us place for lunch. Charlotte’s Rib out in West County was good, although not the best BBQ I’ve had. Then yesterday after knitting**, we stopped at Michael’s Bar & Grill. Y’all, I love anyplace that serves me a cheeseburger with a big ball of soft cheddar on it. If you have not had the ball o’cheddar on your burger, you are missing out on a tasty burger. Seriously.

And now I must get back to work on my presentation for class on Sunday. Yes. Class on Sunday, all freakin’ day.

*Even though Mindy had called ahead and checked to see if they had it. Apparently they sold it off the floor.

**Yes, we had our knitting group on Easter. We’re all a bunch of heathens. :)


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  1. The socks look niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice… hope that class on Sunday doesn’t suck too badly.

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