until we get it right

A few days (or so) ago, I was tagged by the artist formerly known as the diva for this book related meme. Of course, I was between books at the time and waiting (rather impatiently) for my next read to come in at the library.

Anyway, I started reading Eragon (no, haven’t seen the movie and yes, I’m jumping onto this much later than everyone else) today, so I can now actually do the meme.

The rules: Turn to page 123 in your book, skip the first three sentences and quote the next five.

He had difficulty even standing up. His muscles cramped with the slightest movement, and one of his fingers was hot and swollen. When they were ready to leave, he mounted Cadoc and said acidly, “If this keeps up, you’re going to batter me to pieces.”

“I wouldn’t push you so hard if I didn’t think you were strong enough.”

“For once, I wouldn’t mind being thought less of,” muttered Eragon.

I don’t tag, but feel free to steal if you’d like.


One thought on “until we get it right

  1. I came to Eragon late as well, but I listen to it on CD. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I liked Eldest as well. Not my usual read, but it made the commute to work and back something I look forward to.

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