feeling so much stronger than I thought

So I have a very short assignment due tomorrow morning in the class I hate. I spent the better part of my day doing everything else on my “to do” list that wasn’t this assignment.

The basement looks slightly better than it did this morning, I have a few boxes of stuff moved to the shed for the yard sale, I know a trip to the hell hole that is Wal Mart is in my future for cheap furniture, and my bed is now officially ready for Spring.

The homework, however, isn’t done. It’s barely started.

Have I mentioned that I actually have an apartment? I’ll be moving into a 1-bedroom place only a few blocks from the current digs. It’s small, but sufficient for me & Ziggy. I haven’t seen the actual apartment I have yet (people were living in it), but I saw the model one and it was nice. I’ll see my place on Monday after work, so yay! Fingers crossed for bathroom tiles that match my monkey bathroom plan.

I’m really excited to live on my own again. It’s just fun to do things like a monkey-themed bathroom that you can’t do when you’re living with someone else, y’know? And I’ll be able to use the microwave without Riley-pants barking at me for it.

Well, I should get to it – the homework assignment calls me. Well, not so much “calls” as “yells”.  I hate this class. So very much. Ugh.