words are flowing out

I have surprisingly little to talk about lately. Or, more likely, I can’t think of anything to talk about, at least not for the past few days.

  • I want to post the pattern for my Rock Star Armwarmers, but I feel like I need better pictures to go with them.
  • I finished the first part of my test knit for The Plucky Knitter, the Punk Muffin Mitts. I just like to call things punk and Mindy accidentally called them “mini muffins” one day instead of “mini mitts”, so the muffin part stuck. I’ll have a pattern for those up sometime soon as well, but not until the matching hat is done.
  • I did not make it to work today on account of the snow that started falling at 7:30. I made it onto the highway, slid around a couple times, and drove at a crawl the half mile to the next exit so I could turn around. It was not pretty. At least I got most of my homework prepped for class on Friday so I can go in to work on Thursday now.
  • I hate the class I have on Friday. Still in love with my Environmental/Occupational Health class, but hate this other one. So. Much.
  • Speaking of classes, my university seems to be the only one in the area that did not close early OR cancel the evening classes today. St. Louis gets 6-10 inches of snow in less than 12 hours and they don’t at least close early?  I mean, not that it really mattered to me since I didn’t have class today anyway, but it was not safe to drive today.

Alrighty, I’m headed to bed. I am tired and Ziggy the Wondercat says it’s sleepy time. G’night.


2 thoughts on “words are flowing out

  1. I’m interested to know about your Environmental/Occupational Health class, that’s what I do! We do all of the physicals, pre-employment screenings (hearing, drug, vision, etc) and Worker’s Comp for the City. Right now we have ~400 Police applicants coming through, they’re nice to look at. ;-)

  2. Just so you know, I have known them to cancel classes maybe TWICE since 1991. It just won’t happen–the Jesuits live on campus & can drive those golf carts after all.

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