I sang and danced about a high rise

Buried in my boxes and boxes of stuff in the garage yesterday was a box that didn’t belong to me. It was stuff from my grandmother (dad’s mom). When my dad was going through it, he found an envelope with my name on it and handed it to me. I added it to my pile of things to bring home and look through, but didn’t look in it at the time.

The only thing that pertained to me in the envelope was the program from my one and only dance recital. The one where I was dressed like this: Dance Recital

Instead, what I found were some very cool postcards that my grandma had collected from a few places she visited. The Grand Canyon ones were cool, but it looks pretty much the same now as it did when she was there in the early 80s. Independence, MO didn’t have much to show for itself except the library of Harry S. Truman.

But the coolest thing I found by far were some very old postcards from the St. Louis Zoo, copyright 1949. Here are just a few of them, the rest can be found here.
King Leo.jpg
King Leo. I guess he was the king of the lions, if not the whole zoo. Stuff on my cat has nothing on this guy.

Elephant Training 2.jpg
Elephant Training.

Lion Show 3.jpg
Lion Show.

Chimpanzee Orchestra.jpg
Chimpanzee Orchestra. I wish they still had a chimpanzee orchestra.