do the hustle!

I spent a good chunk of the day in Gunsmoke with my dad going through all of the crap I’ve had stored in the garage for the past 3+ years.*

Well, going through what we could find of it.

There was so much stuff, y’all. SO MUCH CRAP! I threw out I don’t know how much stuff – old research articles, random pens and pencils, really old bottles of lotion, really old bottles in general.

I am a collector of stuff. I admit it. I’m trying to change my ways and focus mostly on the things I need and keeping the things I want to a reasonable level. But it’s a process – one that hits me in the face whenever I do something like this.

Among the things I found today were some records, many books, many many pens and pencils, and a TON of stuff that I will be selling whenever we have the HUGE ASS yard sale.

Some of the more choice items:
Lost In Your EyesDo the Hustle!Pooh BeaniesNKOTB
And a few more can be found here.

I am still amazed at the amount of stuff I had in the garage. I brought 9 boxes of stuff back home to go through a second time – most of it kitchen stuff (I have some Fiestaware and some really cool retro dishes I forgot existed), some of it stuff for the yard sale, some of it just random stuff.  I have another 11 (maybe more) boxes/totes that I left in the garage for the yard sale (whenever we have it). I think dad and I made it through all of my boxes, but I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll ever know.
*This does not include the things I left in my old bedroom. I looked in there today and realized that’s a whole ‘nother thing to deal with. But at least it should mostly be stuff to trash and stuff to sell.