this could be the best thing

Let’s just talk about the “glam metal” phenomenon from the early 90s. God I loved them. All of them. Poison, Warrant, Mr. Big, Slaughter, Trixter, Nelson, Firehouse, Winger…if they had long hair and a recording contract, I probably listened to them. Of course, I’m talking the second wave, after Ratt, Quiet Riot, & Dokken. When the first wave was popular, I was still listening to Neil Diamond and Schoolhouse Rock.

I have fond memories of most of the music from my past. In fact, I have fond memories of everyone I’ve seen in concert up to this point. But glam metal? Oh, the shame I feel for ever falling into their clutches. Well, a lot of people fell into their clutches, but really…they were boys with teased hair and makeup. So much makeup.

The shame cannot erase that I did manage to see some of them in concert. I mean, c’mon. I spent good money to see bands like Poison and Warrant*. Seriously.
Poison – Talk Dirty To Me
Warrant – Cherry Pie
Trixter – One In A Million
Nelson – (Can’t Live Without Your) Love & Affection
Cinderella – Don’t Know What You Got (‘Til It’s Gone)

Not seen in concert, but enjoyed all the same:
Slaughter** – Up All Night
Firehouse** – Don’t Treat Me Bad
White Lion – Wait
Mr. Big – To Be With You
Winger – Seventeen

*As a side note, I had to go back and look at my high school journal*** to remember EVER seeing them in concert. I remembered Trixter, but couldn’t remember who they opened for.

**While not on the “seen live in concert” list, I did actually have tickets to see them with Poison at one point. Unfortunately, the show was canceled because one of the Poison boys broke some bone(s) in his hand (I think. If I remember correctly).

***Which, since I’m talking about it anyway, was some fantastic reading. I said things that “I will never forget [important thing from when I was 15]”. Dude, I totally forgot whatever it was. Can’t remember it at all. Seriously, if you have a journal from that time period, go back and read it. You will cringe and possibly wonder who that person was who wrote such things.


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  1. I can’t get past the fact that some guy I had hanging on my wall now has a reality tv show. Rock of Love is all kinds of awesome.

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