tell me you'll stay

I love YouTube. Seriously, how did we ever reminisce about the music and television of our youth without it?

I was apparently the right age when New Kids on the Block hit it big because I was a big fan. I even saw them in concert multiple times. Once at Six Flags, once at the St. Louis Arena*, and I feel like there may have been a third concert in there. But definitely the first two.

My friend Carrie (who was also my music buddy during those early teenage years) was the person who first mentioned NKOTB to me. We both read a lot of Bop, Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, etc. Any magazines we could get our hands on that would also have pictures we could plaster on our walls. I swear there was not a blank inch of wall space in my bedroom. At one point, I even put posters on the ceiling.

This photo may be the only remaining evidence that I was, in fact, a teenager with bad taste in music. Note the permed hair, the shiny jacket**, the jeans with multiple buttons that were probably tight rolled at the bottom…

Whew, I’m getting carried away here. The song for today is New Kids On the Block’s Please Don’t Go Girl. It was the first song I heard by them, so it will always be the song responsible for introducing me to a life of teen idoldom.

I would like to take a moment to discuss the fashions – the sideways hat, the loose fitting tank tops, the fact that some of the boys are wearing leather coats while the others are wearing said tank tops (where are they that it is warm enough for a tank top yet cold enough for a leather jacket?), the mullet, the rat tail, there’s just SO much going on with their clothing and hair. God I miss the late 80s. Or not. Whatever.

There’s currently a rumor that the boys are going to reunite for a tour. I can’t say that I’d go see them, but it could be entertaining to see if there is mayhem in the 30-something crowd this time.

Tomorrow will bring a song by, well, I haven’t decided who yet. Someone else in that era or maybe just a couple years after.

*I remember my toes being cold by the end of the show because we had floor seats and were standing on top of the ice (well, on top of the ice separated by the tiles they put down for us), which means it must have been hockey season.

**I LOVED that jacket. My mom was a bit of a sewing guru and made me a lot of clothes over the years. This was one of the few things that ever made it out of the closet. I even had a skirt that went with it. It had ruffles. I was hot.


3 thoughts on “tell me you'll stay

  1. I’m cracking up. I bet that NKOTB show at 6 Flags was summer of 1989??? I was trying to drive to Rolla to see my boyfriend that day, and was stuck between Maritz and 6 Flags for nearly two hours because of the traffic into the park. I cursed all those teeny-boppers with a zillion poxes that day.

    If you were there, and you have a pox, it was my fault.

  2. Oh you’re going with me to the reunion concert. Girl, you are so going, if I have to drag you by your toes.

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