I think I got too close

I finished the first in my pair of toe-up Kureyon socks yesterday.
Kureyon Sock #1

I didn’t finish until halfway through watching Grindhouse: Planet Terror last night*, but I really should have been done much earlier in the day.

Being my first ever toe-up socks, I had issues with the bind off being too tight. I started with a needle 2 sizes larger, went to one 3 sizes larger and then it was still too tight. There may have been another attempt in there before a successful bind-off, but I stopped counting by then.

After a look through my books for a stretchier bind off, I did a quick search for “stretchy bind off” and hit on one that Grumperina used and shared. I was skeptical, but willing to try it, especially since it didn’t require breaking the yarn. After the first bad bind off, cutting the yarn was a last resort effort. And thanks to Grumperina, there was no need. The bind off worked beautifully and my second sock has been started.

As for the movie, it was horrible and entertaining.

*Which was not my movie choice for the night. I’m normally against** blood and zombies, but the blood was so fake that it was watchable.

**And by “against”, I mean it wigs me out a little. Or a lot. I don’t like blood and guts in my movies.