My daddy thinks I'm fine

It wasn’t until we were on the way home from knitting that I remembered the Grammy Awards were on last night. I didn’t even really plan on watching them, but the commercials during 60 minutes promised many interesting musical performances.

You know me, I’m a sucker for a good performance. There weren’t any performances quite as interesting as the year when Moby, Jill Scott, and Blue Man Group performed together.

Anyway, nearly 4 hours after they started, the awards were over. Instead of live blogging them, I spent some time over on twitter. Okay, a lot of time. But it was fun because I got to twitter with fellow Grammy watchers. (My twitter updates are here.)

ETA: My favorite Go Fug Yourself Grammy moments (which will be updated as I see them).

  • Solange & Beyonce. Because Solange’s outfit is just not attractive. I think I would have had to say “Mom, I know you ‘design’ our clothes, but I am NOT wearing this ugly ugly thing.” ]
  • Rihanna – The worst for me is her performance outfit – the one that makes her look like she’s trying to slowly turn into a bird what with all the feathers. Yikes.