on a magic carpet ride

Dear Becky, Queen of Carpet

So, we all know that you’ve lost a ton of weight and look fantastic now. I mean, c’mon – you are working that tiara these days.

But there’s one little problem with your appearance. You need a better bra – the girls need support! Every time your most recent commercial (you know the one – you’re wearing the purple dress) comes on I cringe a little. Your boobs should not hang down to your waist. That’s just not attractive.

So, c’mon do yourself (and the rest of St. Louis) a favor – go visit the ladies at Ann’s Bra Shop and get thee a better fitting bra.




4 thoughts on “on a magic carpet ride

  1. Oh dear god, i didn’t realize until just now how much I missed those commercials. It breaks my hear a little that I don’t know about the specific one you speak of, it sounds fantastic.

  2. When I used to live up that way, I loved her flying-carpet-commercial. And the sequin dress she wore on it. Good old Becky.

  3. I am sooo with you on this one. She either needs better foundation garments or plastic surgery. I normally wouldn’t suggest the latter, but it looks like she – like a lot of post-stomach stapling patients – has already had her share. Or course, I’m like the foundation garment nazi. I’m never afraid to tell friends when their girls are inadequately or inappropriately contained.

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