I'm gonna knock you out

Unemployment, Day 183. In which I can’t remember what day it is anymore. Since I went to Starbucks and knit yesterday, it must be Monday.

I did not sleep well last night. For some reason, I couldn’t get comfortable. I was, at last, sleeping this morning when the construction started next door and Riley Pants barked for over an hour. Actually, there was much more barking, but I finally gave up and got out of bed. This lack of sleep may explain the lack of flow in this post.

On Saturday, Mindy & I went to visit Selena in the waiting room after her daughter’s lung transplant, which – YAY for new lungs! Then we dinnered at Drunken Fish (yum).
I previously mentioned that yesterday was knitting, at which I seem to have lost one of my dpns I was using for my knucks. Of course. So today I went out to Hobby Lobby for a new set, mostly to get away from the barking. I was surprised how busy it was – the parking lot was full at 11:30 on a Monday morning. What’s that about?

Moving on (again), there is currently a discussion of the merits of lounging around in your underpants (or, more truthfully, a discussion of who actually does this odd thing of lounging around with no bottoms on) in the comments over at Schnozz’s place. Y’all should check it out and back up my position that not a lot of women actually engage in this underwear lounging phenomenon. I’m right, right?

Okay, I need to do…something. Ziggy the Wondercat gets to go to the V-E-T today on account of his eyes – he’s been a little goopy lately and he normally isn’t – so I need to get that second Knuck started so I can work on it while we wait. I also need to mainline some caffeine so I don’t fall asleep and miss his appointment.


5 thoughts on “I'm gonna knock you out

  1. Its MLK day. Half of people have it off, the other half work for commie bastards. Guess where I am? *sigh*

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever lounged around in my underpants. And to be quite honest, I’m one of those women (I guess there are others?) who thinks wearing only a bra is no worse than a bikini top (because it’s not), but the nether regions must be covered.

  3. it really depends on the weather, but i love lounging around in my underpants! sometimes i lounge around in even less :D nekkidness = fun!!

  4. Dammit, Kara. Why you gotta hate? WHY?

    I’m going to get a pair of those boy-fly brightly colored underpants with KARA across the butt. And lounge around on my couch in them all day. How disturbed are you now?

    I love how there is no verb for us to use in this debate but “lounge,” and thus it is starting to look kind of funny.

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