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Sheep & Wool Hat
Why yes, it is another FO. I basically knit this entire hat today (um, Thursday, I’m still awake and it’s technically Friday). Anyway, I had about an inch of the turned under edge done, but that’s all.

So, anyway, this was my first colorwork project. I may have a couple spots where my floats are too tight, but I think it looks pretty good for my first attempt.

The details:  Sheep & Wool Hat. I used Noro Kureyon (in the same colorway as my Danica scarf) and some Cascade 220 in Black.

I did make some minor pattern mods. First, I didn’t actually READ the entire pattern, so I didn’t knit my turned under edge into the hat (Oops). By the time I read that part, I was past the point of doing it. Instead, I just sewed the edge down after I finished. The other minor modification was to my decreases – I just started decreasing every round after the first few decreases.

The hat still needs blocking and washing, etc, but for now it’s just fine.


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