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As I was knitting my sweater** today, I watched Sense & Sensibility for the first time.

While I enjoyed the movie, I did have trouble buying Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood (the older sister). Not having read the book, I wasn’t sure how old she was supposed to be, but I thought that even if the character was supposed to be older (by which I mean mid-twenties), I still felt that she was not right for the part.

I did a bit of research tonight on Wikipedia and IMDB and found out the following items:

  1. Elinor Dashwood is 19 years old at the beginning of the novel.
  2. Emma Thompson was in her mid-30s when the movie was filmed (35-36 when it was released).
  3. Even though the movie ends with the sisters marrying at the same time, that is not how it went in the book (which I will probably read soon – I’m slowly becoming a Jane Austen fan).

The third point really isn’t a big deal, I just get mildly irritated with two sisters falling in love and getting married on the same day. It irks me for no good reason.

The first two are the main points.  I understand that Emma Thompson was responsible for the screenplay of this particular adaptation and she’s a fine actress and blah blah blah…but she’s looked like, well, Emma Thompson for YEARS. She just isn’t believable as a 19 (or even 23) year old woman. And it really kind of spoiled the movie for me.

I have noticed that there is a new adaptation courtesy of the BBC that aired a few weeks ago (and will be on your local PBS station at the end of March).  So that’s promising, at least.

If nothing else, they are good movies to knit to.

*Today’s Earworm: Suddenly I See by Kt Tunstall.

**As of 10:45pm, sleeve #1 is completed. All I have left is the second sleeve and I will have a hand knitted sweater. Should be complete tomorrow, I think. Woo!


2 thoughts on “this is what I want to be*

  1. I watched & taped Persuasion on Sunday. It’s getting a lot of criticism, but I really liked it (except for the truly dreadful kissing scene).

  2. I don’t think the sisters got married at the same time in the movie – I think we saw Marianne and the Colonel’s wedding, with Elinor and Edward leaving the church after them. At least, that’s how I read it.

    I do agree that Emma Thompson looked too old for the part – I think the women in Austen movies are often cast much older than the characters in general, maybe because as a society we’re not as into the idea of women being “too old” by 20 or 25. Let alone getting married at 16 or 17 like the younger Bennett sisters. In fact, pretty much the only thing I liked about Keira Knightley in Pride & Prejudice was that she actually looked as young as Lizzie should be.

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