it's the one vice left

In addition to the Icicle Wristwarmers,* I have also been working on other projects. In fact, just tonight I ripped out most of a hat for the second time in two nights (luckily I only had to rip out to the ribbing in both cases).

I have a huge noggin. This leads to problems finding hat patterns for my huge noggin and sometimes to ripping out a perfectly good hat so I can remake it again.

I also managed to finish the Charade socks (finally!). The second is a tiny bit long, but I think it will be fine.
Charade Socks

Charade Socks
I love hand knitted toes sticking out of my jeans.

Pattern: Charade from I May Be Knitting A Ranch House.
Yarn: Claudia Hand Painted in Teal Party (fantastic color) – 2 skeins. I used nearly all of that 2 skeins on socks for my size 10 feet, too.

In other randomness, I am STILL looking for a job. STILL. I had 2 interviews last week and one this week. I’m also hoping to hear more from a couple interviews I had before the holidays, but who knows if I actually will hear anything. It’s insane, I tell ya. I’ve gotta find something soon, right? Sheesh.  I can’t even tell if I’m having a good interview anymore, although I can tell when my eyes glaze over because the description of the position sounds boring. Oops.

Ah, well, gotta be positive. I WILL find something soon and it will be something I really enjoy.

Well, Ziggy the Wondercat is suggesting that it’s time for bed. Mostly because he’s sleeping on the couch next to me.

*Pattern is also in Ravelry, for those of you who are interested.


4 thoughts on “it's the one vice left

  1. Pretty socks. That yarn is fantastic. Good luck with the interviews — I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Way to stay positive.

  2. Good Luck with the interviews! I know how daunting it is to have to think about mnore interviews… they all feel the same after a while.

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