only true love can keep beauty innocent

The last couple days in Phoenix involved a wedding and a visit to my dad’s sister.
Cake close up
The wedding cake

On Saturday morning, while the girls got ready to go to their hair appointments and do all the things that brides and bridesmaids do the day of the wedding, I drove back out to my aunt and uncle’s house to hit the showers and relax for the day.

When I got there, nobody was home. It was 9ish in the morning and they had gone out for breakfast. Luckily, they heard of my impending arrival as I was calling my cousin to say “Um, I’m locked out of the house”. So I headed to breakfast at Denny’s with the family and then spent the better portion of the afternoon knitting and relaxing.

It was, eventually, time to leave for the ceremony. Dad and I arrived during the photo sessions, which I jumped in on with my camera (because I do love to take the photos). I also took many pictures during the ceremony, for once not being worried that I would look foolish taking all those pictures. It was fambly, so I am expected to take lots of photos.

Christy & Monte (& the pastor) during the ceremony.

The wedding was lovely, Christy & Monte got married, nobody fell down the stairs, and Becky eventually got to remove her too-small shoes. The reception provided the dirtiest cake cutting I’ve ever seen – there was frosting and cake everywhere – and a bouquet toss I once again was unable to get out of. But hey, at least I didn’t catch the thing.


Becky, Kara, Christy
me & the cousins – L-R: Becky, me, Christy

On Sunday, the last full day of our trip, my dad and I headed out to visit his sister and her husband. My aunt and uncle live in Seattle, but started wintering just outside of Mesa several years ago. Since they were only an hour away from the family we stayed with (the family wedding was for my mom’s side of the family), we went to spend the afternoon with them and have a little lunch at The Olive Garden.

Yes, I went halfway across the country to eat at Denny’s and The Olive Garden.*

Anyway, after lunch we took a drive through the Superstition Mountains. I have no pictures because I spent the better part of that drive trying to make sure I didn’t lose my lunch, which rendered me incapable of suggesting we stop for a photo opportunity.

All in all, it was a nice little afternoon visit with them. I discovered that my family ages really well (or reinforced my memory of that fact). My aunt is in her mid-70s and does not look it. In fact, I’m pretty sure nobody on that side of the family looks their age. This bodes well for me.

We finally returned home on New Years Eve after a rather turbulent plane ride during which I discovered the joy that is Dramamine. I had meant to take some with me for the trip out, but forgot it at home. On the way out there, while the flight was fairly calm, I could barely read, much less knit or look out the window. On the fairly bumpy flight home, I knitted, I watched part of the movie, I looked out at the clouds, and I felt fine. It was fantastic, even if I did come home with a bit of a cold.
And now that I have told the tale of the trip, we can return to my regularly scheduled programming. Which will hopefully be more exciting in the 2008.

*This breaks my primary rule for traveling – don’t eat out at places you can eat at when you’re home. But being as this was a family related trip, I figured that rule didn’t really need to apply. I did get a visit to Whataburger in during this trip, so it was a little different.