might as well be walking on the sun

The trip to Phoenix: Part One.
(Photo taken on the freeway, Thursday, Dec. 27)

On the day after Christmas, I woke up at a decent hour and wound up repacking everything I had already packed. Why? Because I had too much stuff and not enough room to pack it in. Eventually, it all fit.

My dad came by and we drove out to the airport. Made it to the gate pretty quickly, especially considering it was the holidays. Had lunch (airport food. Woo.), then went and sat at the gate for a while. About 20 minutes before we were supposed to start boarding the plane, and exhaust fan at one of the restaurants set off the alarm and our wing of the airport was evacuated. Poorly.

People, the airport does not have a well marked emergency exit plan. Just think about that next time you’re getting ready to fly. The exit shot us outside to stand next to the planes.

We had gone down on the wrong side of the terminal, apparently, and were shuffled back inside without really being told where to go. So Dad and I walked down towards security and talked to the TSA reps there. We stayed just inside security until we were cleared to go back to the gate. A lot of people had gone all the way out past security and then had to come back through to get back to their gates. Fools!

Anyway, we did get back to the gate and boarded the plane to Phoenix, only leaving about 5 minutes later than scheduled. Arrived in Phoenix, picked up the rental car, and drove out to my aunt & uncle’s place, only getting slowed down to get past a pretty nasty car accident that had one car turned upside down in the middle of the highway. Sheesh.

On Day 2, my cousin Becky and I headed out to the yarn store and Taliesin West.

The yarn store of choice was Jessica Knits. I chose it mostly because of the Koigu. I wandered around the store for a bit before deciding on what to buy and still spent less than I had expected there. This sock yarn was my favorite purchase, though:
Rio de la Plata Multicolor Ply Sock
It’s a Rio de la Plata 3-ply multicolor sock yarn. So gorgeous. So awesome.

After yarn and lunch at Flo’s Chinese Restaurant (think trendy Chinese Food in Scottsdale), we headed up the mountain to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Scottsdale home – Taliesin West (pronounced tally-e-sin, which made me want to say Tally-Ho! every time I heard it).

We got there just in time for the 1 hour tour, although if we’d had a little more time I would have liked to take the longer 90 minute tour. The place was very busy, though, with tour groups getting to the same places at the same time a lot. But it was also very cool. Here are some of my favorite photos from the tour:



This guy shoots fire out of his mouth at night.

Sculpture by Heloise Crista. I really liked her work and took several pictures of the sculpture garden.

There are more pictures here.

After we got back from the tour, we headed out to the wedding rehearsal, where it was chilly and I spent the hour knitting. But I got some great sunset photos (as seen at the beginning of this post).

Tomorrow: the Desert Botanical Garden and rehearsal dinner.


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