and start all over again

I have safely returned from Phoenix.  I got in last night around 5pm. Woo! More about the trip later, but I will say that I had fun and the wedding was lovely.

In other news, it is a new year. The one big resolution I have for the year is this: Knit from my stash. No buying new yarn. I have way too much of it and don’t need more.

As we were sitting around knitting in the new  year last night, Kathy and Kim also commented about needing to knit what they have and not buy new yarn. So we came up with a group yarn diet plan.

Yarn Diet:

Dates: 1/1/08 to Stitches Midwest (August 2008)
Participants: Kim, Kara, Kathy, Mindy

The Rules
1. Needles/accessories/tools are ok to purchase.
2. You can purchase yarn to finish a project if you run out.
3. Roving/fiber does not count.
4. Gift yarn is okay (to give and receive – gift certificates are also okay to “spend”).
5. You are allowed to purchase up to 3 knitting-related books.
6. Magazines don’t count.
7. Trading yarn in the group is okay.
8. Kim’s exceptions – can buy yarn for 2 baby gifts and a wedding gift.

The rewards and punishments:
For each week that you don’t buy yarn, put aside money to spend at Stitches (i.e. $5).
If you buy yarn, you must take money out of your Stitches fund equal to the amount spent on yarn and donate that to a charity of your choice.
At the end of the diet, the money left in the fund can be spent at Stitches Midwest.

Obviously this means that we are planning on going to Stitches Midwest this year. It should be fun and exciting.

Other resolutions:

  • Cut down on the amount of fast food I eat, eventually leading to not really eating it at all.
  • Eat more veggies/eat healthier.
  • Continue with the daily photo on the blog.
  • Knitting goals:
    • Finish projects within a year of casting on. If it’s not done, rip it out (totally stole this one from Kathy).
    • Finish the projects that are all currently on the needles (like my sweater).
  • Sewing goals:
    • Finish making the quilt I have started and make a second one I already have fabric for.
    • Help Kathy meet her goal of learning to sew.
  • Find a job. Hopefully soon (I have 3 interviews in the next 7 days).
  • Go on a date.

That is all. We’ll check in next year and see how I did.


4 thoughts on “and start all over again

  1. Hey, thanks for making me a part of your resolutions. Maybe now that me learning to sew is on 2 lists, it will actually get done this year!

  2. Great idea! I will participate too, with the exception of buying yarn for the pi shawl, which I’ve already promised myself. No new yarn until August 2008… wow. That’ll be tough, but definitely worth it. I have way too much freakin yarn.

  3. I’m glad to hear you had a good trip! Enjoyed the photos. I’m nowhere as near organized as you are with your 2008 goals – but way to go! And good luck with the yarn diet.

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