I'm so hard to handle

It’s been a while since I was dotty, hasn’t it?

  • As of about 4:20 yesterday afternoon, the semester was officially over. I am done with classes until February 1. WOOO! WOOOOO! Grades are already posted, too. I am a statistics Rock Star – got an A in Survival Analysis, got a B+* in Ethics.
  • I am in the process of reorganizing my bedroom. I was wasting a TON of space in my closet with shoes that I was storing in the boxes they came in. The problem in this is two-fold. 1. I don’t know what shoes I have in there. 2. I can’t ever find the ones I’m looking for. Problem solved by purchasing a shoe shelf thing that hangs in my closet.
  • I busted out most of a hat last night. It’s just a simple knitted beanie, really, but it fits my head and I like it. There will be pictures whenever I get around to it.
  • My cat is currently hogging all the heat in the living room again by laying on top of the vent.

And now I must get back to the organizing and cleaning. I’ve got a steam cleaner that needs to suck dirt out of my carpet tomorrow.

*Yes, B+. Apparently you can get + and – grades here. I don’t quite understand the point of it, but it makes my GPA a little happier than if I’d just gotten a B.